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Alianna is the CEO and Founder of Junior Flips and is from Washington, DC . Alianna is very social and loves traveling the world. She has traveled to over 60 countries throughout ALL 7 continents. Some of Alianna’s many accomplishments include:


* Successfully flipped houses.

* Started Non-profit " Youth Leaders Empowerment & Explorers Foundation" 

* Featured on National talk show “Steve Harvey”

* Featured on National tv show “To Tell The Truth”

* D’FREE Young Builders Award

* Ebony Magazine Power 100 Award

* Featured on tv show “CNBC Make It”

* Featured Paid Speaker at Chick-Fil-A Conference

* Featured Paid Speaker at Microsoft Headquarters for “Women’s International Day”


Alianna’s travels around the world and being featured on numerous television programs has inspired Alianna to write her own book which has now SOLD over 10,000 copies. Her first book, "25 Businesses Kids Can Start for Under $500!" is a major success and has inspired Alianna to begin work on her second book. 


In addition to Junior Flips, Alianna has launched her own non profit organization called "Youth Leaders Empowerment & Explorers Foundation with the sole purpose of obtaining support and corporate sponsorship so I can in the future host educational field trips for all students and bridge the gap between students, global studies and corporate /business educational exposure. Website:



Steve Harvey & Jr Flips
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Steve Harvey & Jr Flips
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my first book


"25 Businesses Kids Can Start for Under $500!" In this book, you will discover information on how to start your own business. You'll learn how to start, fund, grow, develop, and promote your business by following the steps outlined in the book. Available online through amazon and my personal websites. To learn more about Jr Flips, visit their website Alianna is passionate about sharing her wisdom about money, and hard work to inspire kids to spread their wings and live their dreams. 

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