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Alianna is the CEO and Founder of Jr Flips. She is from Washington, DC and recently promoted to the fourth grade at Holy Trinity. Alianna is very social and loves traveling the world. She has traveled to over fifteen-countries throughout four continents. In addition to Jr Flips, Alianna has launched her own product line of make-up for children. She is also the Founder of Alianna's Creation a business she started at home making custom jewelry selling to the family and friends. Alianna's Creation birthed her product line of several items. Alianna's Cosmetics is available on Amazon and her other website Alianna's Cosmetics. Her first novel, "25 Businesses Kids Can Start for Under $500!" is a major success already selling hundreds of copies. With her unique amount of success at such an early age she still enjoys the usual kids stuff like riding her bike, and playing dress-up. Her vision is to create an Enterprise of businesses. 

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Steve Harvey & Jr Flips
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"25 Businesses Kids Can Start for Under $500!" In this book, you will discover information on how to start your own business. You'll learn how to start, fund grow, develop, and promote your business by following the steps outlined in the book. Available online through amazon and my personal websites. To learn more about Jr Flips, visit their website www.jrflips.com. Alianna is passionate about sharing her wisdom about money, and hard work to inspire kids to spread their wings and live their dreams.